Recent Publications

Contemporary Viewing Stone Display book publication: co-authored with Richard Turner and Thomas P. Elias, this book provides a comprehensive history of Chinese and Japanese stone appreciation, propounds an eco-philosophy of viewing stones, and proposes aesthetic principles for creating displays. Includes gallery of 68 viewing stone displays by connoisseurs from around the world.cvsd-cover

The Petriverse of Pierre Jardin. An open-access work of experimental theory. A volume in SubStance@Work, a series of born-digital projects published by SubStance: A Review of Theory and Literary Criticism.

In the Labyrinth of Slow Time: “A Perturbation in the Deep Stream” (David Mitchell, co-author) and “A Perambulation in the Deep Stream”.” In C21 Literature: Journal of 21st-century Writings (peer-reviewed open access journal of the Open Library of Humanities).

Rock Records. Special issue of SubStance 146 Vol 47, no. 2, 2018. Co-editor, with Adam Nocek and Richard Turner.  Publications in this issue:

  • “Introduction” (pp. 3-7);
  • “Stoned Thinking: The Petriverse of Pierre Jardin” (pp. 119-148);
  • Introductory note to Roger Caillois, “Excerpts from Pierres reflechies (pp. 149-155)

Digital content for Rock Records: 

“Slow Time Zones at Loyola Marymount University.” Kronoscope: Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Time Volume 18 (2018): 14-16.

“Archivists of the Future.” Interview with David Mitchell and Katie Paterson. Posted online November 1, 2017, The International Society for the Study of Time. Forthcoming in Time’s Urgency: The Study of Time XVI (Brill), Robert Daniel and Carlos Montemayor, eds.

Greed.” LMU Magazine. Volume 7, Number 2, Summer 2017: 29-31  (A text on this deadly sin, written without a,i,o, or u.)

Editor, contributor: “David Mitchell in the Labyrinth of Time.” Special issue of SubStance (2015: 44, 1) on David Mitchell’s fiction, featuring an interview with Mitchell on the subject of time.

Co-editor, special issue of Kronoscope (Vol 15, 1), papers from conference on “Time and Change in China and the West” at Beijing Normal University, June 20 – 22, 2014 (co-sponsored by the School of Philosophy and Sociology at Beijing Normal University and the International Society for the Study of Time (ISST).

“Tracing the Cretan Labyrinth: Mythology, Archaeology, Topology, Phenomenology.”Kronoscope14 (2014): 133-49.

“Sam Rodia’s Watts Towers in Six Sections in Succession.” In Luisa del Giudice, ed.,Sabato Rodia’s Towers in Watts(New York: Fordham UP, 2014): 79-89.


Co-Editor: Spiritual Politics After Deleuze

Essay in Cahiers de L’Herne: Michel Serres