Since the 1990s, LMU has offered faculty members web space on the server myweb.lmu.edu

It’s meant for faculty who want to keep a personal site (e.g. myweb.lmu.edu/janedoe) unattached to their college, school or department.

Because these are personal sites, LMU provides limited support: FTP login credentials, and that’s about it.

In an effort to wind down this service by Summer 2015, LMU is now offering each faculty member a WordPress-powered site on the successor domain, faculty.lmu.edu

If your old site was myweb.lmu.edu/janedoe it would now be faculty.lmu.edu/janedoe

WordPress is a powerful but relatively simple publishing tool. It made its name in blogging, but now powers about 20 percent of the world’s web sites.

Sites on faculty.lmu.edu will still be largely self-serve. They’re personal sites, after all, and you’ll need to move your content over from MyWeb. But if you need it, LMU’s Office of Web, New Media & Design provides monthly training sessions. We’ve also set up a site with lots of documentation and videos on navigating WordPress.

Because of WordPress’ popularity around the globe, there also exists an abundance of training material in the wild, at places ranging from WordPress.org to Lynda.com (LMU has a Lynda account you can find in the MyLMU System Logins tab).

To get started with a personal WordPress site, please complete the following.