Constraint Based Writing

Writers impose constraints on writing texts to push their language, imagination, and ingenuity in new directions. The OULIPO is group of writers based in Paris that have made constraint-based writing famous.  For information about the group, and an article on the most famous author and novel written by them, see below.

  • What is the Oulipo?
  • “The Invention of Forms: Perec’s Life A User’s Manual and a Virtual Sense of the Real.” SubStance 74 (Vol. XXIII,2): 56-85.

I have written a series of texts called “Vowel Movements,” which use only one vowel at time.  Follow the links or consult the publications below for samples.

  • Alpha Rap live with David Ornette Cherry!
  • Greed.” LMU Magazine. Volume 7, Number 2, Summer 2017: 29-31  (A text on this deadly sin, written without a,i,o, or u.)
  • “Der Fest-Text Jest.” SubStance: A Journal of Theory and Literary Criticism. (Issue #100, Vol. 32, No. 1, 2003): pp. 5-10.  (A tribute to the literary journal on the occasion of its 100th issue.)
  • “Time and Emergence in the Evolutionary Epic, Naturalistic Theology, and J.T. Fraser’s Hierarchical Theory of Time.” Kronoscope: Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Time: 12:2 (2012) 147-158.