P1080535I am a Professor of English at LMU, where I teach courses in literary theory and interdisciplinary topics like Nothing, Wonder, Time, and Chaos.  My research interests include geo-aesthetics and -philosophy, stones and gardens, and constraint-based writing.  I co-edit SubStance (theory/lit journal) and maintain a garden/blog The Petriverse of Pierre Jardin.


Rock Records, a special issue of SubStance, includes my essay “Stoned Thinking” as well as open access digital content.  Harris Stoned Thinking

I presented “Stone is the New Green,” a project including stone installations and a talk, in Copenhagen in 2018. Stone is the New Green

A collaborative reading with author David Mitchell at a conference on his work at University of St. Andrews resulted in work including a co-authored story that will come out next year.  See the video here.

For the award-winning LMU Magazine‘s feature on The Seven Deadly Sins, I contributed this piece on Greed (it is a “monovocalism,” meaning only one vowel is used).